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Matters of Faith Podcast

The Matters of Faith Podcast with your host Jay Wilburn on Project Entertainment Network explores individual stories of faith and personal struggle. The show does not have an agenda, but seeks to detail the personal experiences of people within various faith communities and people with experiences outside those communities – within organized religion and with spiritual views outside of those traditions. Every person has a story. It may not be your story, but their experiences may help you, may lift you up, or may inspire you as you live out your own story. Listening to the stories of others helps us all to understand each other better as we live out our lives in the world we share. We are all trying to figure out life. This show is meant to help us discuss topics about our journey through life that do not get discussed openly, honestly, and positively often enough.

Nov 26, 2018

Host Jay Wilburn explains all the mysteries of God, the universe, suffering, and why linear time is a great mercy and blessing. All in less than 45 minutes! You're welcome, Universe.

Nov 20, 2018

Sharing some evolutionary theory he studied in connection to a writing project, host Jay Wilburn talks about how logic and reason may have developed for different reasons than we think. The way we treat each other today may be normal for how we learned to survive. Being better may require us to...

Nov 13, 2018

By listener request, I discuss daily routines and how they work into meeting your goals and purpose in life. Also, we talk about the importance of connections to others in faith.

Nov 5, 2018

How would Jesus vote in the midterms, the most important election of our lives again? Was Jesus an anarchist? Do we believe he can still feed 5000 people in the wilderness? Is this a terrible discussion for a show that will ruin everything? Listen to...