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Matters of Faith Podcast

The Matters of Faith Podcast with your host Jay Wilburn on Project Entertainment Network explores individual stories of faith and personal struggle. The show does not have an agenda, but seeks to detail the personal experiences of people within various faith communities and people with experiences outside those communities – within organized religion and with spiritual views outside of those traditions. Every person has a story. It may not be your story, but their experiences may help you, may lift you up, or may inspire you as you live out your own story. Listening to the stories of others helps us all to understand each other better as we live out our lives in the world we share. We are all trying to figure out life. This show is meant to help us discuss topics about our journey through life that do not get discussed openly, honestly, and positively often enough.

Jan 27, 2020

Jay Wilburn discusses the notion of escaping the pressures of time, what other people think of us, and other outside influences that hold back our potential and our most honest relationship with God and...

Jan 21, 2020

Jay answers questions, mostly the ones that piled up after the Satanism episode and a few others too. Enjoy the episode.

Jan 13, 2020

Charles R Bernard joins us to discuss his personal journey as a Satanist. In this episode, he speaks as an individual for himself and not as a representative or spokesperson for any other organization. We talk about religion, America, horror, writing, and of course,...

Nov 11, 2019

Jay Wilburn discusses anger, how to cope with it, the power of forgiveness, and other helpful tools. Trigger Warning: Jay talks about some past physical abuse from his childhood in part of...

Oct 28, 2019

Jay Wilburn answers listener questions about past episodes, past guests, writing, and more.